Safety First!

Safety is critical when doing your roofing project.

Read on to find out how you can prevent serious injuries while enjoying your work.

Roofing Area

Ensure the area is clear of any pets, children, power lines, underground hazards like cesspools, and unsafe access to the roof.

Preventing Falls

To prevent slipping ensure:

a. The roof is dry. You have appropriate rubber-soled boots for the best grip. If the roof is too steep, have a harness – You protect yourself against head injuries by having a proper helmet

Safety of Your Ladder• The ladder you use must always conform to local safety codes • Make sure the ladder must be firmly fixed• Secure the top of the ladder by rope or a plywood brace, with at least 36 inches above the roof landing • Climb the ladder properly• Ensure the ladder is never left unattended at any given time and keep away metal ladders away from electrical installations.

Electrical Safety

Always use a non-conductive ladder when working next to electrical facilities and never touch such electrical components with any tool during your roofing.

If too dangerous, call the power company for advice.

Safety of the Hammer

Always protect your eyes when using the hammer and ensure you hit nails squarely to reduce the risk of them flying back.

Safety When Using Power Tools

Take extra care when using a pneumatic nail gun, the safety lock should be working and never disengage or tie it back. When using the air power, ensure the air is clean and dry and disconnect as soon as finished.
Safety of the Utility KnifeKeep the blade sharp so as to use minimum force to prevent slipping, and always cut away from you.

When Handling Materials

Carry one bundle of material at a given time and never use your back, use your legs. The materials should be as close to the roof as possible.

For more information on roofing safety, here are some online sources:For the US, review the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

If in Canada, use the Canada’s Centre For Occupational Health and Safety. Construction Solutions also provides information on roofing, demolition, and safety.

Safety of Tools and Equipment

Here are some essential tools and equipment:

Carpenter’s level, caulking gun, chisel, clamp, air compressor, claw hammer, combination square, circular saw, clean up cloth, finish hammer, electric drill, hacksaw, framing hammer, magnet, roofing shovel, screwdriver set, shingle cutter, tape measure, wrench set, utility knife and tin snips.

Safety Equipment Have, at least, the following for your safety: Eye protection, ladder stabilizer, guardrails, netting, roofing brackets, scaffolding, rope, harness and heavy duty gloves.

Roofing ConditionsHave a harness for extremely steep roofs, never work in extreme heat or cold. Make sure the material you use is appropriate for the roof.

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De-Stress In The North West!!

If you’re from the North West, you’re probably all too used to the added daily stress of bad weather ruining your day. This is why an escape to an indoor spa hotel could be the perfect solution to mounting stress, work troubles, or even minor aches and pains.

You can have the perfect day without even stepping too far out of your door; with many amazing spas spanning the area, sure to suit even the most stressed individual.

Time to get your swimming costumes and evening dresses ready as we list the very best of the best:

The Devonshire Arms

The Devonshire Arms is also a hotel and spa, so is perfect for not only spa days, but spa breaks also. Located in the Yorkshire Dales, this spa is the ultimate in getaway relaxation. Away from city bustle, you are guaranteed a departure from daily life, and the partnering with Elemis treatments ensures the best quality and most beneficial treatments possible. You can also enjoy the pool, jacuzzi, gym or even the cold plunge pool for a real change of pace.


The spa at the Maconald is luxury at it’s best. As well as the regular spa treatments, you will also have the chance to use the Thermal Suite, which is an amazing area, which features a rock sauna, an ice fountain, a sensation shower and an aroma steam room. Weekday spa hours are from 10am-8pm, and they even use Decléor skincare products in their beauty treatments.


Sienna City Centre

This gorgeous spa can be found in the heart of the Manchester Radisson Hotel. They open from 9am-9pm for a perfect whole day of treatments and relaxation, and the ‘spa experiences’ are time-led as opposed to being arranged around individual treatments. This means you’ll know exactly what you’re getting and for how long, so you can enjoy the rest of the facilities at your leisure. A Manchester spa day at its best.

Chill Out Spa

This spa is another ‘out of town’ treat, set in the gorgeous Liverpool countryside. As the spa was originally intended as a stand-alone spa, but they have recently teamed up with 3 local hotels to offer overnight stays to those wanting a true spa break. The spa has a unique charm to it, as it resides within restored Victorian farm buildings, which makes it an extra treat to the eyes. The spa offers both beauty and traditional spa treatments.

The Chester Grosvenor

The Chester Grosvenor also provides top class spa days, in half-day or full- day sets for set prices, which include a variety of spa and body treatments, as well as lunch and luxury slippers to take home. They too use Elemis treatments, so you’re sure to have a perfect day. During your visit, you also have full access to the Thermal Suite, which features a salt grotto, themed shower, a crystal steam room and more.

10 Amazing Places To Eat In Wales

Sometimes it’s easy to forget the amazing restaurants Wales has to offer. Great local produce, talented chefs and amazing locations should make all of us in the Welsh catering trade feel proud and honoured to be a part of it.

Welsh Restaurants

If you’ve landed on this guide, searching for a great restaurant in Wales, you are in for a treat, here are 10 of the best

Hangfire Smokehouse, Penarth: It is a fantastic restaurant run by two friends in a local pub. Here you will find all kinds of meals.

Baravin, Aberystwyth: The restaurant is located in an enviable position on Aberystwyth’s promenade, which you can easily access. It is an amazing restaurant that serves some of the best pizzas found outside Italy.

Cafe Citta, Cardiff: It is one of the best places to eat due to their gorgeous and inexpensive meals such as meatballs and pasta dishes. You will also find inexpensive good red wine

Tyddyn Llan, Llandrillo: For many years, this restaurant has been the best in Wales with a stunning and tasting menu. Besides, it has comfy rooms upstairs that you can crash out after having your heavy meal.

The Walnut Tree, Llanddewi Skirrid: It is claimed to be the most famous restaurant in Wales over decades due to its reputation. The Walnut Tree serves up unfussy yet brilliant Welsh food.

Ye Olde Bulls Head Inn, Beaumaris: The restaurant is known for its hospitality since the 15th century. It features gorgeous Anglesey produce such as salt marsh lamb and Welsh black beef.

Ultracomida, Aberystwyth: It is a very nice place that you can even mistake for an upmarket deli. The array of tasty food that you will find at the front masks a brilliant little tapas restaurant at the back.

Harbourmaster, Aberaeron: This hotel is well known for its local foods as well as a great array of bar snacks.

Purple Poppadom, Cardiff: It is one of the restaurants that took Indian cuisine in Wales to another level. Here you will find traditional Indian dishes.

Bullys, Cardiff: It is a nice place to visit due to its brilliantly cooked dishes such as chargrilled Welsh beef fillet or oak smoked squid.

There you have it, 10 amazing places to eat in Wales.

For further great places to eat in North Wales visit the North Wales Business Directory.

8 Great Welsh Beers You Should Try

Welsh Beer Guide

Wales is a country that has been known for its magical works when it comes to beer brewing. It has some of the richest beers in the world and has attracted a group of beer lovers who visit Wales every year just to have the natural taste of Welsh beer right in the Welsh yard. This has led to the rise of the brewing industry and each day, new beer brands come up. Here are the top 8 beers that you shouldn’t miss out on when visiting Wales.

(i) Boilermaker

Boilermaker, a Welsh whisky IPA is another great single-malt beer from the renowned Brains Craft Brewery. It blends the best ingredients matured with penderyn infused oak chips to produce a fruity beer with a warm whisky buzz. This collaboration between ‘Thinking Drinkers’ and Brains Craft Brewery contains 6.5% alc. content.

(ii) Cwrw Gorslas

Made by Kite Brewery, Cwrw Gorslas is another Welsh beer to die for. It blends dry fruit notes and undertones of roasted flavours to bring out a unique aroma of fruits and malts. It is among the most balanced beers with some silent bitterness at the end. It is amber and has an alcohol volume of 4%

(iii) Tomos Watkins Cwrw Haf

Summers in Wales are the best times for beer lovers with the Cwrw Haf. For this reason, it has been branded the perfect summer ale. This beer combines natural malts, Golding, Cascades and Fuggle that give it a unique zesty citrus taste and delicate flavor. Cwrw Haf has an alcoholic content of 4.2%

(iv) Bullmastiff Special Reserve

The Bullmastiff Special Reserve from Penarth Brewery is a great beer that you can enjoy during winter. Actually, it has been labelled as a winter warmer. It has been brewed to offer a malty and sweet taste. It is dark red-amber and has an alcohol volume of 6.5%

(v) Atlantic White

The Atlantic White is a cask beer that draws inspiration from Belgium and the US. It blends traditional Belgian wheat and crushed coriander seeds to produce the light refreshing beer that has a distinct zesty and spicy taste. Atlantic white has an alcohol content of 6.0% ABV.

(vi) Rhymney Export Ale

Made by Rhymney Breweries, Rhymney Export Ale is a hand mixed blend of malts and fruits that bring out the real ale heady flavour and mild citrus bitters. Its ingredients include live yeast and has no additives. The end result is the smooth full bodied and rounder beer. It has an alcohol volume of 5.0%

(vii) Celt Bleddyn 1075 Organic Crafted Ale

The Bleddyn 1075 is an organic crafted ale beer that has been brewed with Chinook, Citra, Nelson Sauvin and Magnum hops to produce a strong beer with a distinct taste and a grapefruit finish. It is golden and has an alcohol volume of 5.6%

(viii)Dirty Stop Out

Dirty Stop Out is an amazing oat stout beer from Tiny Rebel Breweries. It has a dark colour and a strong perfume aroma and smokiness. Its 9 blends of malt produce a strong beer with an alcohol volume of 5% making it an ideal drink for a heavy night!

Wrapping It Up

Without any doubt, Wales has some of the finest beers in the world, the evidence is in the consumption. Their beers are brewed to perfection to satisfy the needs of all beer lovers. Now that you know the finest brands of beer, get a bottle of any of these beers and enjoy the wonders of the Welsh brewers!

10 Brilliant Welsh Pubs By The Sea written

Wales has some of the most brilliant pubs offering fantastic seaside views. If you are looking for some of the best places to eat and drink by the sea enjoying the beautiful Welsh sunshine, here are 10 places to visit.

Welsh Pub By The Sea

  1. Ty Coch Inn, Porthdinllaen, Llyn Peninsula

It has been voted as one of the best beaches in the world. It is located on the Porthdinlaen beach in the North of the Llyn Peninsula. The pub looks very simple with classic pies, paininis, pasties and Panizzas for the younger ones.

  1. The Stackpole Inn, Pembrokeshire

This was named the Best Gastropub in Whales at the 2011 Great British Pubs awards. This charming 17th Century pub is found on the National Trust’s Stackpole Estate in Pembrokeshire. On the menu is fine reputation food for lunch and evening meals.

  1. The Sloop Inn, Porthgain

It located between Fishguard and St Davids on the Pembrokeshire coast. Standing on the tiny Porthgain harbor, this cottage pub dates back to the 18th Century. Here, the menu covers everything from various curries to fresh fish and lobsters when in season.

  1. The Worm’s Head Hotel

This has one of the best viewpoints ever and was voted as Britain’s Best Beach. Overlooking Rhossili Bay which is the ultimate beauty spot, Rhosslil Downs and Worms Head, this pub built on beautiful garden stocks a wide variety of drinks and also local produce being used in the restaurant including Gower Salt Marsh Lamb and fresh seafood.

  1. The Harbourmaster, Aberaeron

Located on the picturesque Aberaeron quayside, this pub is very brilliant for local produce. Here, you are sure to find freshly caught seafood since its almost in touching distance of the local fishing fleet. It is a well-stocked pub with seafood and homemade gnocchi, chicken supreme, and lamb rump.

  1. The Griffin Inn, Dale

Overlooking a wide bay skirting the entrance to Milford Haven is The Griffin. It is a relaxed waterfront pub offering a perfect view of the board sailors and dinghies skimming across the bay especially during summer. The pub has a fishing boat, Griffin Girl’, to ensure there is always freshly caught seafood.

  1. The Pentre Arms, Llangrannog

This pub is located on a very striking position on the right of the Ceredigion Coastal Path. Since it’s the local’s favorite,it stocks a variety of homemade food. It is said that the Swansea poet, Dylan Thomas, got himself thrown out of this pub for helping himself to beer.

  1. The Druidstone, Broad Haven, Pembrokeshire

This beautiful pub is well known for consistently being on the Good Food Guide ever since 1974. It offers stunning views thanks to its high setting. The pub guarantees homemade fresh food sometimes made from the ingredients from the local suppliers.

  1. The Old Sailors, Newport, Pembrokeshire

This was formerly called the sailors safety because it kept a light burning as a guide for ships. This 500 years old building sits behind Pwllgwaelod beach offering superb summer sunsets. On the menu is local fresh fish.

  1. The Ship Inn, Tresaith, Ceredigion

Sitting on the Sheltered Sand Bay, here you can enjoy the view of dolphins mostly during summer. It was named after the River Saith which flowed to the beach. You can sit on the Inn’s terrace as you watch porpoises and bottlenose dolphins.

The Dudley Arms!

We found this on Youtube. Is the Dudley Arms In Rhyl really the most haunted pub in North Wales?

Have You Visited The Dudley Arms?